Besides my love of all things William, I am also interested in Richmal Crompton's brother John Lambourne,who's escapades as a child, I believe, gave Richmal Crompton inspiration for some of William's adventures!

You can read about his very interesting life by clicking on the 'John Lambourne Section' button above.

John Lambourne.

Quite a lot of William collectors,also collect the Jane books by Evadne Price.

You can read about her by clicking on the 'Evadne Price Section' button above.

Evadne Price.


There are some very good reference books on William, for those who wish to read up and get further information in more detail. This list should get you started!

William - The Immortal by David Schutte.

William - A Bibliography by W.O.G. Lofts & Derek Adley.

Richmal Crompton- The Women behind William by Mary Cadogan.

Just William through the Ages by Mary Cadogan.

Growing Up with Just William by Margaret Disher.(Richmal Crompton's Niece)

The William Companion by Mary Cadogan with David Schutte.

Just - Richmal by Kay Williams.




There are a few sites with William content, although a lot are mainly selling the books.

However sites I have come across of interest are as follows:- Get in touch for membership details. General stock of childrens books with a large section on William. Book seller. General stock.Childrens & William. Super site relating to Thomas Henry. Wikipedia link about Thomas Henry. Wikipedia link about Richmal Crompton. Interesting article on a William magazine that didnt take off.


I would like to thank all the sites from who I have gleaned information from.

Also my long suffering girlfriend for her help, support and encouragement in making this project come to life.

Last but cirtainly not least to Richmal Crompton & Thomas Henry, who, with their perfect partnership with William, has given me, my parents and my family many many years of joy and laughter.

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