This bibliography (and indeed the whole site) concentrates mainly on the hard back William books published by Newnes between 1922 and 1970, although there are references to the other books and magazines that he appeared in, for William 'purists' who have to collect or find out about everthing !. Please click on the links for information on where William started life -- in the Home Magazine and Happy Mags(1920's), Also check out the Childrens Book Club hardback books (1950's), , Merlin Paperbacks(1960's), Armada paperbacks (1960's onwards) , the Collins hardback books and the childrens annuals (1970's).

In conjunction with the TV series,with the annuals etc Armada also brought out another edition of some more paperback books featuring the star of the series Adrian Dunnatt as William on the front covers.Please also check out the Macmillan Hardbacks and Macmillan Paperbacks (1980's to present)

As a lover of disgusting culinery concoctions, William, as with most celebrities, also got in on the act, by persuading Armada to produce a cookery book in 1977 called (not surprisingly!) Just William's Cookin Book.--- and yes there IS a receipe for Liquorice Water!!!

William also appeared in 'strip' form in the Womens Own Magazine from Feb. 1947 - Nov. 1962 which were drawn by Thomas Henry and between Dec. 1962 - April 1969 drawn by Henry Ford.

William was a global success (with notable exceptions - America for example,probably couldn't understand British rural life in the 1920's).and the books were translated into many different languages.

In 1996 Grolier brought out 2 hardback books, - Just William and More William in their Outlaws Book Club series. To date I have been unable to find out how many titles were published in this series. Grolier are going out of business on 31st December.

William made 2 appearances in 2004. The Childrens Golden Library produced 'Just William' as part of a Daily Mail book promotion, and not to be outdone,The Scottish Daily Record also produced 'Just William' in a book promotion in their Children's Classics Collection.

In 2013 Macmillan produced a de-lux gift edition; a hardback book in a slipcase with a bound in red silk ribbon bookmarker and printed using high quality paper.



Richmal Crompton's adult novels and short stories were published by a variety of publishers including Macmillan, Hutchinson, and Hodder & Stoughton amonst others.

Richmal Crompton was a prolific writer, and besides the 38 William books also wrote another 50 books, mainly for adults.

Another of Richmals successes, were stories about another boy, younger than William called Jimmy. He was quite a success (probably on the back of William - but then I am predudiced!!) Newnes published two books - Jimmy and Jimmy Again.( In the later paperback reprints there is a Jimmy the Third, but there were no new stories, this one being a mixture of the first two.)

The Jimmy dust wrappers, in the William mould, were very colourful, the second edition spine of Jimmy, actually being nicer than the first edition.

Below are lists of William books, Jimmy books and her other books with dates of when they were first published.

Please Note - for pictures of the William book dust wrappers (except for The Book of the Film) please go to the main gallery. For pictures of the The Book of the Film and adult book dust wrappers please click on the (P) by the side of the book titles below.

Due to Williams growing poplarity, in 1923, Newnes decided to publish the first 3 books as special presentation editions. These were in Half Levant grained French Moroccan leather with gold gilt titles and a Thomas Henry gold illustration of William on the spine and front cover. Inside they had green marbled end papers. At 6/- each they were nearly 3 times as expensive as the ordinary editions. Today they are real 'hens teeth' items and seldom come on the market. I do have all three in my own collection.


Just William 1922 The Inermost Room 1923 (P) Jimmy 1949 (P)
More William 1922 The Hidden Light 1924 (P) Jimmy Again 1952 (P)
William Again 1923 Anne Morrison 1925 (P)  
William the Fourth 1924 The Wildings 1925 (P)  
Still William 1925 David Wilding 1926 (P)  
William the Conqueror 1926 The House 1926* (P)  
William the Outlaw 1927 Dread Dwelling 1926* (P)  
William in Trouble 1927 Millicent Dorrington 1927 (P)  
William the Good 1928 Leadon Hill 1927 (P)  
William 1929 Enter-Patricia 1927 (P)  
William the Bad 1930 The Thorn Bush 1928 (P)  
William's Happy Days 1930 Roofs Off! 1928 (P)  
William's Crowded Hours 1931 The Four Graces 1929 (P)  
William the Pirate 1932 Abbot's End 1929 (P)  
William the Rebel 1933 Blue Flames 1930 (P)  
William the Gangster 1934 Naomi Godstone 1930 (P)  
William the Detective 1935 Portrait of a Family 1932  
Sweet William 1936 The Odyssey of Euphemia Tracy 1932  
William the Showman 1937 Marriage of Hermione 1932 (P)  
William the Dictator 1938 The Holiday 1933 (P)  
William and A.R.P. 1939* Chedsy Place 1934 (P)  
William's Bad Resolution 1956* The Old Man's Birthday 1934 (P)  
Just William, The Book of the Film 1939 (P) Quartet 1935 (P)  
William & the Evacuees 1940** Caroline 1936  
William the Film Star 1956** There are Four Seasons 1937 (P)  
William Does his Bit 1941 Journeying Wave 1938 (P)  
William Carries On 1942 Merlin Bay 1939 (P)  
William & the Brains Trust 1945 Steffan Green 1940 (P)  
Just William's Luck 1948 Narcissa 1941(P)  
William the Bold 1950 Mrs Frensham Describes a Circle 1942 (P)  
William & the Tramp 1952 Weatherley Parade 1944 (P)  
William & the Moon Rocket 1954 Westover 1946 (P)  
William & the Space Animal 1956 The Ridleys 1947 (P)  
William's Television Show 1958 Family Roundabout 1948 (P)  
William the Explorer 1960 Frost at Morning 1950 (P)  
William's Treasure Trove 1962 Linden Rise 1952 (P)  
William & the Witch 1964 The Gypsy's Baby 1954 (P)  
William & the Pop Singers 1965 Four in Exile 1955 (P)  
William & the Masked Ranger 1966 Matty & the Dearingroydes 1956 (P)  
William the Superman 1968 Blind Man's Buff 1957 (P)  
William the Lawless 1970 Wiseman's Folly 1959 (P)  
  The Inheritor 1960 (P)  
*. same book -- renamed    
** same book -- renamed * same book -- renamed  
William & the Artist Model 1956 Kathleen and I, and, of Course, Veronica 1926 (P)  
  A Monstrous Regiment 1927  
  Mist and Other Stories 1928 (P)  
  The Middle Things 1928 (P)  
  Felicity Stands By 1928 (P)  
  Sugar and Spice & Other Stories 1929 (P)  
  Ladies First 1929  
  The Silver Birch & Other Stories 1931 (P)  
  The First Morning 1936 (P)  

Richmal Crompton also wrote many short stories in 'compilation' books with other authors.

There have been quite a few books written by 'William' and also serious works about Williams creator. Also various books published by Newspapers as special offers. View them all here.